About us

Gassy Cat is a European ethical brand incubator. We work hard to shape the future, with sustainability and ethics at the heart of our activities, with a keen eye towards the circular economy.

Gassy Cat was founded on strong principles, including a strict code of conduct built into our founding company statutes, which serves to strengthen our resolve towards ethical, environmental, human rights, animal rights, and social responsibility.

Our oversight is holistic, including not only the ingredients and components of our products, but also the packaging, manufacturing processes, logistics, and the human story that must all combine to create our products.

We detest waste, deplore unnecessary consumption, and take transparency and honesty to heart. We impose our principles on our supply chain through contractual obligations in order to ensure our products remain trustworthy in the eyes of our customers.

As we strive to be authentic, transparent and trustworthy, we don’t invent our own certifications for ourselves, but we seek certification from reputable sources, such as The Vegan Society.