Gassy Cat reaching out to humanitarian agencies

    Europe has been in the grip of an on-going humanitarian crisis for some time now, however recent events have triggered an enormous increase in displaced peoples.

    In keeping with our ethical principles, we have begun reaching out to local humanitarian agencies to find ways of providing a supply of Owl & Bee® hygiene products to cover the upcoming shortfall as refugee numbers increase.

    We invite local humanitarian agencies to get in touch should they have a proposal to work together.

    Gassy Cat statement on trade with Russia

    With the recent escalation in the Russo-Ukrainian war, including allegations of severe human rights violations on Ukrainian territory, we have taken the difficult decision to cease shipments to the Russian Federation, effective immediately.

    We understand that this has an impact on customers within the Russian Federation, however we cannot continue business within any state who consistently acts against our ethical principles. This decision comes in line with our code of ethics, as stipulated within our constitution.

    We would like to stress that owing to the Russian Federation’s ongoing internal human rights violations, including malice displayed towards members of the LGBTQIAP+ community, we have never sourced any ingredients or raw materials from Russia. Our supply chain will continue to exclude Russian suppliers, and as a result it remains unaffected by this decision.

    We hope that this conflict can be resolved through peaceful, diplomatic means.

    Gassy Cat launches Owl & Bee® brand to the UK market

    Gassy Cat is proud to announce the general availability of the Owl & Bee® brand in the United Kingdom.

    The move highlights our commitment to bringing our ethical and sustainable products to the UK, which have already been met with excited reviews in continental Europe.

    Customers wishing to purchase our products in the UK can now visit the exclusive website for the territory, at

    Gassy Cat also invites interested distributors and retailers in the UK who share our values to contact us to know how we can work together via our Authorised Distributor or Trusted Reseller programmes.

    Owl & Bee® launches solid cosmetic line

    Owl & Bee® is proud to announce the launch of our first products of an ambitious solid cosmetic line, dedicated to simple, vegan, ethical and sustainable products.

    The new product line initially includes a solid shampoo bar, a solid conditioner bar, and a deodorant cream. Each come in recyclable plastic-free FSC paper packaging, and has been beautifully designed for retailers. All products are natural — without colourants, perfumes, or any other unnecessary ingredients, and have been produced to our strict quality and sustainability standards.

    As per Owl & Bee®’s promise, each product has been strictly vetted by our exacting standards, and independently audited and certified by The Vegan Society, in keeping with our founding principles.

    Gassy Cat seeks to raise the bar in the market with this new product line, now available for sale in our shop, and we invite interested retailers and distributors to contact us for more information.

    Gassy Cat becomes signatory to the Terra Carta

    We are proud to announce our support of the Terra Carta from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative, having today become an official signatory to this ambitious charter.

    The Terra Carta provides a roadmap to 2030 for businesses to move towards an ambitious and obtainable sustainable future, where innovative businesses such as Gassy Cat can both coexist with nature without negatively exploiting our planet’s beautiful resources.

    The global business proposition outlines ten areas for action and comprises of nearly 100 actions for business as the basis of a recovery plan that puts nature, people and planet at the heart of global value creation, instead of profit at the expense of our global natural or social wealth.

    Gassy Cat’s signature is a reaffirmation of the same principles we were founded upon and reflects our continued efforts towards a sustainable, circular economy. In our discussions with the Sustainable Markets Initiative, we are particularly enthusiastic after receiving confirmation that HRH The Prince of Wales will report on the state of the charter annually, and that all signatories to the charter must reaffirm their commitments on a regular basis. As the charter will have a decade-long lifespan, we naturally encourage any on-going scrutiny and revisions that would improve the strength of the charter and its commitments therein.

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    Gassy Cat opens UK subsidiary

    With Brexit looming, Gassy Cat reaffirms its commitment to the UK market with the opening of our new subsidiary Gassy Cat Limited based in London, England.

    We are looking forward to continuing to serve our customers in the United Kingdom following the UK’s departure from the European common market at the end of this year.

    Authorised Distributors and Trusted Resellers located in the United Kingdom will be served by this new company, and can contact us for more information.